It is Well

A September 2022 Worship Series on Spiritual and Mental Wholeness.  You are invited to join us as we explore and experience together practices that help us stay grounded during turbulant times and help us recognize joy all around us.  All are welcome! If you are new to Clarendon Presbyterian Church and want to connect before your first visit, please email Pastor Alice.  (Or just show up!)

It is Well: Sept Series Overview

Sunday September 3:  10 am (fully online; no in person worship)

Topic:  Fully Known  (Luke 15 and Psalm 139) ; 

What is your heart's longing? 

Sunday September 11:  10 am in person and online

Topic:  Embodied  (Jeremiah 11)

How are YOU embodied in the world? How are WE embodied in the world?

Special time for making clay pots

let's Connect! EMAIL PASTOR ALICE.

Sunday, September 18:  Contemplative Communion

We will gather in a circle for a shared communion service.

What is feeding your soul?  How are are connected? 

We will also celebrate a baptism! 

Playground Church from 5-6 pm on the church playground. 

Sunday, September 25: Two Cups

How does our faith encourage us to cross boundaries? 

How might we act and be when we are host? What about when we are the guest? 

We will also welcome new members!

Impacto LGBT Reunion from 2-6 pm