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Stewardship 2022

Here is 2022 stewardship pledging form. Pledge dedication Sunday is November 14, 2021. 

Here is our stewardship letter for 2021-2022: 

Dear Clarendon Presbyterian Church Community,

I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, 

do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

 (Isaiah 43: 19)

In worship this past Sunday October 31, we considered two questions: What is your soul longing for? Where is your soul longing to make an impact? 

As we consider those long-term questions, we’ve reached the point in the year where there is an important opportunity to make an impact now through a financial pledge for 2022 to support our church’s work in the community and the development of a vision for the path ahead. Already, just this year, we’ve made incredible progress.  

Since January of 2021 with the launch of the Vision 2031 effort, we have focused anew on how our church can continue to make a lasting impact on and with the community far into the future. We have considered the dreams of the saints who came before us and dreamed of CPC’s land increasing to perhaps even include senior affordable housing. We have considered our realities: a location that we love, a small congregation, and a building requiring significant maintenance and upkeep. We have considered Clarendon Presbyterian Church’s unique value as a place of safety, welcome and celebration particularly for the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, and for those in the community in need.  

This work led to a recommendation that we purchase the 1308 North Irving Street lot (looking forward to closing in the next month or so), and as a congregation we came together in overwhelming solidarity to support a major investment that will open many new possibilities for Clarendon Presbyterian Church. The fact that we came together in such strong agreement on this decision is something to celebrate. We give thanks to those who have pledged the funds to cover the mortgage on the property for three years, to our leaders doing the work of prayer, discernment, and legwork to enable us to get this far, and to the congregation as a whole for taking this huge and faithful step towards making a potential life-changing impact for the community and for the congregation. 

We are now launching into the period putting some concrete details around our dreams. The Vision 2031 committee has asked you, the Clarendon Presbyterian Church community, to respond by January 10 with your ideas for our church long into the future following the six criteria shared with you earlier in October. Please see the criteria again below. 

We give thanks for our work of discernment and action accomplished together in 2021. In addition to making this huge step as a united church community, we have also continued to be church together. As we shared in the draft budget presentation on October 31, in 2021, your stewardship giving made possible: 

  • Worshipping God together online, outside, and inside taking in careful consideration the spread of COVID, vaccinations, weather, and health: physical, mental and spiritual. 
  • Strategic planning conversations, discernment, and action for the future of Clarendon Presbtyerian Church and the broader community. 
  • Special services including Pride month, Transgender Day of Rememberance, Lent, Easter, and the Christmas Pageant
  • Care of congregational members and friends at needed moments
  • Weekly prayer group and for most of the year a weekly Bible study and yoga group
  • Welcoming new members
  • Coming together during moments of national and local injustice and trauma
  • Racial Justice Study and Action Group book and podcast discussions, neighborhood walks, history dives, and museum visit
  • Fellowship and mission through the work in the Plot Against Hunger Garden
  • Joining VOICE as a powerful VOICE for community organizing for affordable housing and mental health across northern Virginia and especially in Arlington. 
  • Monthly Food and Toiletry drives to support Bridges to Independence and RPC Shelter
  • Newly launched monthly sandwich making for New Hope Housing
  • A diversity of musical leadership including from Brooklyn Anderson (she/ her), Kristine Gabster (she/her), Lea Morris, Andrew Wells-Dang (he/him), and the hiring of Taisha Estrada (she/her) as Director of Music
  • Imapcto LGTBQ taking the next step towards being a 1001 new worshipping community
  • Continued engagement in mission that teaches and addresses intersectional injustice
  • Reorganization of Session into committees
  • Presbytery tech grant
  • Web and Social media presence
  • New Investment policy, up to date bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation
  • Staff time of our pastor, ordained Director of Mission, Director of Music and musicians , and bookkeeper.

We also give thanks for your giving to the Deacons Fund, which was higher than any other recent year apart from 2020. 

In 2021, our budget looks hopeful because of our steady rental income, the endowment, carryover from previous years, grants, and your giving. We have 38 pledging units in the church. As of October 9, 77% of the total amount pledged has come into the church. We are only about $2,500 below projection YTD, and we need to finish strong. Thank you. 

Your 2022 pledges will have a major impact on the life of the church now and long into the future. We are at a really exciting time of concretizing our dreams for what the church can be so we can both support the larger community and thrive as a church community long into the future.  

Now to a few questions you have asked:

How much should I pledge? The Bible encourages us to give the first fruits, our best to God. Time and time again we hear that through giving, our faith is increased. If economic circumstances allow it, we encourage you to increase your pledge by 3% over last year’s pledge. If you have not pledged before, I would love to be in conversation with you about giving as an act of faith. Many people tend to pledge between 1.5-5% of their household income. Your number and percentage is entirely up to you.

How do I pledge? You can pledge through this online form. Once you fill in the pledge through the form, Beth has it. Within a week, you should receive a note that your pledge was received. You can also email your pledge directly to Beth Trent (she/her), Bookkeeper, at You can pledge as individuals or as a household.  

What if my circumstances change and I’m not able to complete my pledge? A pledge is a promise not a contract. If your circumstances change, we understand that you may not be able to complete your pledge. So that we can best care for you, if circumstances do change, would you please let me or another church leader know? 

When should I pledge? We will dedicate our pledges in church on November 14 (online service). If you are able to pledge by then, we would appreciate it. If you need to wait until the beginning of the next year, it would be helpful to have pledges as close to January 1 as possible so we can prepare the final 2022 budget. 

I hope that this stewardship time is also a time to reflect on how our giving makes an impact and through making an impact brings us joy. I have so enjoyed those stories you have shared with me so far about giving experiences that have brought you joy. Please continue to share these stories with me via email or conversation. I would like to share some of them on stewardship dedication Sunday November 14. The stories can be shared anonymously.   

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering the impact your giving has on our church and community through our 2022 stewardship pledges.

Please read through this eblast for the rest of the exciting things happening in the life of CPC.

With gratitude,

Alice Tewell, Pastor

James Fisher, Treasurer

CPC Stewardship Committee  

Following the Spirit’s call to go into the world with love, joy, and creativity, we are a community of faith following the way of Jesus in solidarity with marginalized and disenfranchised people doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. We seek companions on the journey from all* walks of life. *All means all: all races, ages, abilities, genders, orientations, classes, questions, and doubts.