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Stewardship 2023

Here is 2023 stewardship pledging form.

Dear Clarendon Presbyterian Church community,

Throughout November  we are focusing on stewardship with the theme "Cultivating Faith through Stewardship" based on 1 Corinthians 14:1 "Make love your aim." (New Justice Bible translation).  We long for people to know our stories, our motivations, and our desires.  We long to be in community.  We long to make an impact for God's kin-dom reaching far into the future.  We strive to do it all out of justice and love.

During this time of living into the church’s present and planning for the church’s future, your stewardship gifts of money, time, and abilities are vital.  With your giving, you invest in your church, in this community of friends and deepening relationships, as well as in our future plans together. Through your stewardship, you build up the community of faith to worship God, grow in relationship with one another, and service with and among the Arlington and wider community.  Thank you for your support of Clarendon Presbyterian Church.

We invite you in prayer and in conversation about a regular financial stewardship pledge to the church for 2023.   Each of us has different economic circumstances, different commitments, and different income streams, so we are asking you to consider a pledge for 2023 one through five percent above your 2022 pledge.   For 2023, we ask that you consider an increase of 1% , 3%, 5% above your 2022 pledge or another amount you are able to give. 

If you are new to pledging, haven’t pledged in a while, or are wondering about a greater increase in your pledging, we recommend somewhere between 1.5-8% of your income. We  also would like to invite you to a conversation (walking, sitting, or sipping a hot beverage!) to talk about what stewardship pledging might mean for you.

We will receive and celebrate pledges in church on November 20.  We will have blank printed copies of the form for you to bring forward to the offering plate for our celebratory time.   We ask that all who are pledging also complete this online form linked here.  Pledges after November 20 are of course welcome as well.  If you have questions about how the online giving process or more technical questions about how you might give, please contact Bookkeeper and Admin Support Beth Trent:

We hope that a stewardship gift feels like an investment into our collective faith development as well as an investment in yourself. Your giving in all forms: your abilities, your time, and your money is what we need for this community of faith and doubt to exist today, tomorrow, and with God’s will long into the future.  Through stewardship, we cultivate faith. Thank you so much for your generosity of money, time and abilities. 

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Alice Rose Tewell, Pastor

James Fisher, Treasurer

Following the Spirit’s call to go into the world with love, joy, and creativity, we are a community of faith following the way of Jesus in solidarity with marginalized and disenfranchised people doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. We seek companions on the journey from all* walks of life. *All means all: all races, ages, abilities, genders, orientations, classes, questions, and doubts.