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Stewardship 2024

Here is 2024 stewardship pledging form.

Dear Clarendon Presbyterian Church Community,

What an exciting time it is to be part of our church!  In 2023 we turned 99, and in April of 2024 we will celebrate 100 years as Clarendon Presbyterian Church! Accordingly, the theme for the Stewardship 2024 is “Giving Thanks for the Past, Launching into the Future.”  Through our stewardship of time, money and resources, we seek to “Magnify the Lord” from Psalm 34.

Celebrating 99 years, would you consider a pledge for 2024?  If you have pledged before, would you prayerfully consider an increase by 9.9%, $9, $99 or $9,999? If you are new to pledging, would you consider between 1-5% of your income? Gifts of any amount are tremendously valued.  Regular giving is especially important for our church budget and as a spiritual practice. Your gifts are used for  Sunday worship, our mission and outreach, our church meals, our staff and pastor, the upkeep of our building, and the ability to work together in faith for the redevelopment of our church property.

We invite you to take a look at our photographic stewardship letter here highlighting the church’s work and faith in 2023 and where we will continue to strive in 2024 and beyond.

We will dedicate pledges to the church in worship on November 19. Pledging is a promise to give financially to the church in the next year.  We very much appreciate you living out your faith by your investment of money and time to the church.

Many thanks and peace,

Alice Tewell (she/her), Pastor

James Fisher (he/him), Treasurer

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Alice Rose Tewell, Pastor

James Fisher, Treasurer

Following the Spirit’s call to go into the world with love, joy, and creativity, we are a community of faith following the way of Jesus in solidarity with marginalized and disenfranchised people doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. We seek companions on the journey from all* walks of life. *All means all: all races, ages, abilities, genders, orientations, classes, questions, and doubts.