Concert for a Cause - To support the Deacons Fund for those in NEed

Here is the history of our Concerts for a Cause:

June 26, 2021: Kristine Gabster (she/her), singer, songwriter

Thank you for your support of this concert raising over $1000 for our Deacon's Fund!

"Kristine Gabster’s whimsical and wry songwriting showcases both her wit and her voluptuous vocals.  Whether performing original songs or covers, her passion shines through and makes listening to her a true joy."  Carey Colvin, Singer/Songwriter

“an eclectic songwriter.”  Mary Chapin Carpenter, Singer/Songwriter

“As with life, Kristine brings all she’s got to her music.  She writes great songs -- witty, thoughtful, poignant, sometimes all in one.  She brings the characters in her songs to life.   An enthusiastic and engaging vocalist, she brings out the emotion in a slow, moving song, and sings up-tempo and blues with gusto.  Her keyboard playing perfectly suits her music and entertains by itself.” – Carl Gold, Emcee/Performer

“Kristine writes honest lyrics and has a powerful voice.” – John Jennings, Producer/Guitarist

“I was able to see Kristine Gabster perform her songs for a crowd.  I was so moved by her song lyrics, and the texture of her themes.  Her musical journeys can be emotional or create some humor and joy.” Tess Inman, Professional Costumer/Music Lover

"Kristine's music is a pure delight.  She creates songs with clever and strong lyrics, and melodies that are fun and accessible to the listener.  It is especially a treat to hear her perform her own songs, with her smooth and strong vocals which carry you away"  Tom Nichols (singer/songwriter) Dan Chadburn (composer/pianist)

“Kristine Gabster's music comes from a wellspring of her faithful, courageous and joyful life. When I first heard her sing, I knew that she wrote from her heart. One day, she visited, performed and spoke with my music class students about her creative process. "Unless you become like a little child..." Kristine understood that children are natural composers. And I have no doubt that those who have ears will hear the gifts she has wisely invested. - Rebecca Shane Aizupitis, Music Teacher/Classical Guitarist

Concert for a Cause -

Gillian Grassie

THANK YOU for raising $5,524 towards Bridges to Independence Sullivan House Family Shelter! (concert December 12, 2021)

Gillian Grassie performed for about an hour, featuring her own music, along with some contemporary and holiday songs.  Gillian is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Philadelphia who has appeared world wide, and competed on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. Her artistry with the harp takes the instrument to unusual styles and places, and when combined with her songwriting and highly distinctive vocals, promises a wonderful evening.  She has been a guest performer multiple times over the years at Clarendon to great acclaim.  Her website is

Gillian Grassie,

Musical Offerings, 

Clarendon Presbyterian Church  November 15, 2020

Three performances:

Women of Ireland (instrumental)

When I Was a Boy (Vocal at 3:55)

Gifts Received (Vocal at 9:21).